urban hog invasion

Monster Hogs In City Limits

In 2016 I wrote the following at The Wildlife Journalist®.

"In the past I have written and lectured on what I call “Monster Hogs”  which are any weighing more than 400 pounds. Such animals are few and far between but some of our cities offer all of the right ingredients-adequate cover, food and lack of hunting pressure- to make it happen."

"These creatures will be seen perhaps in schoolyards near children or eating Fifi” the poodle as granny takes the little pup for a stroll in the park."

In Dec. 2018, ClickOrlando.com published the following headline.

400-pound Hog Captured In Palm Bay Near School Bus Stop

I have been monitoring numerous reports like this and the incidence will only increase unless action is taken to both control the hogs and properly educate the public on what they are dealing with.

A hog doesn't have to be anywhere near 400 pounds to do serious damage and the fact is if you go beyond the millions of dollars in damage they can do to property in a single community there is a risk for people and their pets.

Genetics. Age. Food/Cover.  Those are the ingredients necessary to grow a hog population and grow big hogs.

Without the genetic code animals don’t have the capacity for super size. Without food and cover it is impossible to feed their potential. And without reaching the optimal age, it is all a moot point.

These three factors are the reason why gigantic feral hogs will become the apex predator in many American cities.

Feral hogs have entered the city limits of many cities in the American South and are becoming major problems for animal control, homeowners, golf course managers and park superintendents.

There are no doubt hogs in cities like Houston, Orlando and others major cities right now with the potential to outgrow the average grizzly bear.

Greenbelts as well as abandoned lots, dumps and other open areas provide adequate nutrition and there are enough corridors linking them to larger wild lands to keep a constant influx of animals. And in extreme circumstances storm events like 2017's Hurricane Harvey bring in hogs to areas no one ever dreamed they would roam.

There is a way to contend with these animals and educate the public on their role and the potential dangers without scaring them to death. I have created a unique system for doing just that and would be glad to help you with your hog problems both on the hoof and in the public's perception.

E-mail chester@chestermoore.com if you want to learn about our programs ranging from live webinars, video classes, personal appearances and in the field consulting on hog issues.

Chester Moore, Jr.